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Is there a requirement to have a Firearms familiarization course prior to purchasing a firearm?

There is no requirement to have a familiarization course before you purchase a firearm.

Why do I need to have a familiarization course?

The more you understand about your firearm the better equipped you will be for it's use.

Why is it important to know the concealed carry laws?

Owning a firearm comes with responsibility.  One is to have a basic understanding of the laws written in reference to handling your personal firearm. 

Is it a requirement to have a concealed carry permit to own a personal firearm?

The concealed carry permit is not a requirement for owning a firearm.  

What is an Active Shooter training class?

In todays society we hear about shootings in highly populated areas.  This training is developed to equip you with the basic understanding of what to do if such an incident were to happen where you are.

Do I have to own a firearm to go through the familiarization course?

No, it is not a requirement for you to own a firearm for the course.  If you have not purchased a firearm and want to attend the course, we will provide a selection of firearms for you to choose from.