Media Blitz On Active Shooter Incidents

There are have always been possible scenarios where individuals will attack, without warning, individuals or groups of individuals without any given cause, or one later identified or presumed.  The media has a way of taking tragic events and using them as an opportunity to boost the ratings of their broadcast. If this were not the case we would hear the facts involved instead of hearing the opinion of the production group behind the station broadcasting.  In some of the most recent cases where trained, armed individuals, stepped in and prevented the incident from escalating, we hear a mere mention in the nightly news. However, where there is a mass shooting; we hear about it for days.  Even to the point of finding later some of the initial reports were in fact incorrect. The worst thing that could happen is for everyone around you to hear all of the misinformation the media places at your door and have a plan of their own. I would like to say we could prevent a security threat altogether; however, that is not possible.  But, I do believe with proper planning, training and practice the threat can be minimized.  We at SHSS want to provide a preparedness plan for you.  We would like to consult with you and or your organization about how and what to do if the need arises for protection against a potential security threat.  Our team has the training and ability to provide you with the best preparedness plan and training available.  Don't become a media story, call for a consulation today.         

Misconceptions about the law