Pricing + Services

Planning services available upon request.


Firearm Familiarization

       $100/4 hour course —  

Firearm Familiarization course consisting of proper handling, laws and range time.  

Security Consultation

Variable hourly rate -

Our consultation rates depend on the complexity of the site.  Most of our consultations are free.

Security planning

      Variable hourly rate — 

Our planning is based on your desires and needs.  The rate is normally free; however, if the requirements are of a specific nature, the rate will be commensurate with the request. 

Personal protection services

      Variable hourly rate — 

The consultation is free.  The location, number of personal and additional requirements will dictate the rate.

Active Shooter Awareness Training

Consultation is free-

The course and rates will depend on the requirements determined necessary to fulfill the customers expectations during the consultation.